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Welcome to Boxhead Game! This website is dedicated to one of the coolest online flash game series out there! Boxhead is a great looking, smooth playing and action packed flash game. The goal in Boxhead is to kill all the zombies and survive the zombie wars. You can use cool weapons and awesome upgrades to reach your goal in these games. Here you can play all the Boxhead games online as many times and as long you want! Including Boxhead 2, 2Play Rooms and Bounty Hunter. Now start playing and blast yourself through the madness, but watch your back for a zombie attack!

Boxhead Game

GAME - Boxhead Biever and Baby

It is murderous Bieber fever time in this 8th installment of the Boxhead games. Biever and his baby girl are on a killing spree trying to stay alive midst the hordes of evil zombies. For once though you might think to side with the zombies and let Biever die over and over again. But hey, not winning this game that way! Instead of killing people on the inside with his pubescent voice it is time to do the killing with guns and ammunition. The usual mix in this action game: guns, bullets and upgrades. You better beliebe there will be blood!

Play - Boxhead Biever and Baby

Click to play - Boxhead Biever and Baby

GAME - Boxhead X-Mas Nightmare

It is the bloodiest time of the year again as the Boxhead zombies plan another Christmas invasion! Who other than Santa to save the day assisted by his trusty shotgun. No more presets this year children, oh no, Santa brings the rain and he is going to lay down the law! This Boxhead game is packed with Christmas zombies, giant hammer snow men and evil reindeer. Oh, and make sure not to accept any present, BOOM! Kill the zombies and earn cash to buy upgrades which you will definitely need. Merry bloody Christmas in the most merriest of online Boxhead games!

Play - Boxhead X-Mas Nightmare

Click to play - Boxhead X-Mas Nightmare

GAME - Boxhead the Nightmare

Oh holy goodness, what is that glorious light which blinds my eyes? Could it be the latest installment of the Boxhead series? It sure is, Boxhead the Nightmare takes the zombie wars to a whole new level! First of all, it is shiny, very shiny. The game is beautifully designed, as usual of course, but this time they have outdone themselves. The game play is beautiful, so smooth and seriously addictive. There are 9 types of badass zombie minions who each have their own deadly powers. Of course there are plenty of cool weapons and multiple levels. The Boxhead Nightmare starts, now!

Play - Boxhead the Nightmare

Click to play - Boxhead the Nightmare

GAME - Boxhead: Bounty Hunter

Ok, pull down my pants and call me grandma: a Boxhead multiplayer flash game! Can you believe it? Sweet jesus cakes you better! All the zombies are dead and gone, eliminated and destroyed in the previous games. Now the best of the best have to fight each other in an epic battle over Boxhead supremacy! Can you feel it? No? Play against other online players, use different weapons and buy all kinds of sweet upgrades! How about that! Finish first in the rankings for ultimate glory. Why are you even reading this, STOP! Play Boxhead Bounty Hunter, do it!

Play - Boxhead: Bounty Hunter

Click to play - Bounty Hunter!

GAME - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

The Zombie wars have begun! The Boxhead carnage has reached a new ultimate pinnacle! In this game the action will burst of your screen in an explosive continuum! Believe me, for this new Boxhead flash game I can go on inventing super relatives (I am using nonstop exclamation marks for a reason)! Ok, few new things in this game: classic and defend mode. During defend mode you must defend your base which has massive firepower but then again the amount of Boxhead zombies are massive! Weapons have become even better and new ones have been added. There are more neat game options and plenty of Boxhead kill statistics. Oh man, I could go on but I'm coming over to kick your ass because you aren't playing this awesome game yet!

Play - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Click to play - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars!

GAME - Boxhead: 2Play Rooms

The most advanced of the series! Now you can define all sorts of settings to ensure even more game blasting fun. In no time the screen is filled with boxhead zombies and that means: shoot, shoot, boom! Nonstop explosions and gore. If you like the earlier Boxhead games, you will love this adrenaline pumping explosive piece of game! Why aren't you playing yet?

Play - Boxhead: 2Play Rooms

Click to play - Boxhead: 2Play Rooms!

GAME - Boxhead: More Rooms

This is the second Boxhead game. It's a super action packed gore game! As in the first Boxhead you have to kill the zombies and also the powerfull Boxhead Devils who have fireballs! You start out with a basic gun but the upgrades give you more cool weapons and increase their power in a spectacular way! I suggest the grenades with the cluster upgrade! This Boxhead game is amazing, a must play!

Play - Boxhead: More Rooms

Click to play - Boxhead: More Rooms!

GAME - Boxhead: The Rooms

This is the first Boxhead game. The goal is to kill the Zombies for as long you can. More and more Zombies will come at your Boxhead as the levels increase. Use your gun to kill the Zombies and as you progress you will get better weapons. You also get weapon upgrades that make the Boxhead weapons better! There are a couple of levels that you can select for diversity. The Boxhead that started it all!

Play Boxhead: The Rooms

Click to play Boxhead: The Rooms!

GAME - Boxhead: Halloween Special

This is a special occasion Boxhead game: the Halloween Special! The game play is different from the other Boxhead games but the shooting is still the same good old fun. Now you actually have a mission in the game: save civilians. Go around the map looking for civilians and taking them to safety while blasting zombies. Don't kill the civilians and don't let the zombies kill them. A fine addition to the Boxhead series.

Play - Boxhead: Halloween Special

Click to play - Boxhead: Halloween Special!

VIDEO - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars game trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, pure awesomeness ahead! The trailer of the latest Boxhead flash game: The Zombie Wars, has been released. What may we conclude out of this all: major battlefields, massive amount of zombies, huge explosions, defend your base game style and much coming our way. This Boxhead game promises to be even bigger and better then the last one. Watch the in game flash trailer and be amazed!

Watch - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars game trailer

Click to watch - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars game trailer!