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We here at are proud to present the complete collection of online Boxhead games. It is our mission to make this popular zombie action game available to you on a clean, straight forward and user friendly website. For today’s standards this is a very unique series since it started out on the internet many years ago and only afterwards made it to mobile while sually the reverse is the norm. And it makes perfect sense because the Boxhead series consist mostly of beautifully designed games with fantastic gameplay. An absolute online classic!

Our mission entertaining you

This series deserves a place on the internet where all of the versions can be played. That is what this website has been doing for many years and we will make sure to continue this effort. The game is immensely popular and you only need to go have a look on YouTube to see why. Small chance you will find more action packed gameplay elsewhere. Releases like Boxhead the Nightmare and Boxhead Bounty Hunter Multiplayer are a testament to online arcade gaming. Very unique and hard to beat!

Where Boxhead came from

The first Boxhead game was created back in 2006 by Sean Cooper and like the rest of the series was sponsored by Crazy Monkey Games. The main star of the game is Jon Bambo who has to take on massive hordes of zombies and defeat powerful devils. The game was an instant hit and only got better over time. To this day millions have played this crazy online game and will continue to do so. The multiplayer version was quite the achievement already but now that it has found its way to mobile things can only get better.

Have fun and enjoy the madness!

And when it comes to playing online will always be here to keep the madness going. We sincerely hope what you will enjoy what this website has to offer and that you will have a good gaming experience. We appreciate you taking the time to read what we are all about. Now go nuts and blast away at those zombies!

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