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Boxhead The Zombie Wars: controls + walkthrough

Boxhead The Zombie Wars game play online gaming guide

Game Controls

Player 1: Arrow Keys

Player 1: Space bar

Change weapons / explosives:
Player 1: Z, X keys

Select weapons / explosives directly:
Player 1: Number keys

Player 1: P key

Debug - Show profiler:
Player 1: shift - control - insert

Debug - Scroll screen:
Player 1: Shift - control - arrows

Debug - Reset scroll position:
Player 1: Shift - control - home

Debug - Hud on/off:
Player 1: Shift - control - pageup

Debug - cursor off:
Player 1: Shift - control - c

Game Walkthrough

Tip 1:
Upgrade as much as you can. Upgrades are the most important items in the Boxhead games. Collect the upgrades and get bigger, heavier and more powerful weapons. Get maximum explosive power and this flash game will amaze you. Oh yeah, it also makes the game easier.

Tip 2:
As soon as a Boxhead devil walks on to the game stage: kill him. The devils can shoot fireballs and those can cause serious damage to your Boxhead character. While you are shooting at them they can not shoot you.

Tip 3:
Watch out for the explosions, seriously, they can mess you up quite bad.or even kill you. Sure you can kill a lot of enemy Boxhead zombies but you have to watch out for the blast radius. So, use a lot of explosions because they look so awesome and massive but watch out for the blasts.

Tip 4:
At some point there will be loads of Boxhead zombies chasing you.trying to kill you of course. At that point you have to make them chase you to open parts of the level, leaving open space to pass by them, and shoot while you are at it. Just remember that standing still will get you killed fast.

Tip 5:
Earn weapons, you will need them. You can do this by increasing the multiplier and with every kill it will be increased by 1. The multiplier will go down over time and it speeds up depending on how high the multiplier is.

The Boxhead enemies

The zombie
Zombies are very slow and usually they take quite some time to get to you. Zombies need to get close to you to cause damage so keep them at distance. Kill a zombie and you get 1 multiplier point.

The Devil
The Boxhead devil can fire a napalm like fire wave at you and your base so be sure to stay at a safe distance. He can't attack you while you are shooting him so that is exactly what you got to do.

The Runners
Runners are like the zombies but the main difference is that they come running at! So runaway, turn around and blow them away. You can also let your base take care of them.

The Mummies
Mummies spawn randomly and one could be standing next to you as we speak. You could be standing in your base and suddenly one is standing right beside you. Make sure to keep your distance and if you see smoke run away and shoot them.

The Vampirette
These evil female creatures won't take your house, nor your money.bur your life! They have to be next to you to attack but they have a trick up their sleeve. They can disappear, turn in to a bat and then reappear right beside you! One touch and you are dead. Make really sure to keep your distance and when you see Turn and shoot when at a safe distance or return to base and let the turrets take care of them.

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